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What's up y'all?

Name: Jalon (pronounced like jaylen ... the 'o' is to keep you on your toes)

Location: New York City (but reppin' LBC 'til i die)

Background: known as the youngest son of two midwest transplants (by way of the south) with a laugh than can be heard from across the hudson // definitely a musical theatre boy through and through with the tunes of stevie wonder swirling around in there to spice things up// amc stubs member since 2013 // unapologetically pursuing authenticity, joy, and being a vessel for positive change in and out of my own community

Occupation: actor (in another life probably an anthropology professor or flower shop owner - peony gang stand up)

Education: MFA in Acting from UC Irvine (yes the mascot is an anteater) & BA in Theatre Arts from Pepperdine University (yes the mascot is a humanoid wave)

Small Pleasures: tossing the mini football in a park with friends, anything written by Toni Morrison or Anne Rice , the sound of an orchestra tuning up, the discontinued Carl's Jr. Cap'n Crunch milkshake, giving my friends unsolicited compliments, using a coaster, ocean waves before 7am, oxford commas, a Jonathan Tunick arrangement,  slurping ice cream off the cone before it melts onto your hand, cursive handwriting, one too many throw pillows, Aquaphor lip balm, and lists (obvi) 

Been Described As: "the most earnest smile that is just bursting with optimism"

"too witty for your own good but its not scary i promise”

"you've got a secret but im sure after one shot you'll just spill won't you?" (I won't). 

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